Digital Marketing Executive



• Successful candidates will have a relevant degree for the position such as Bachelor’s in Marketing, Business, digital media or website/graphic design.
• MBA in marketing or relevant field will be preferred. Knowledge in ad serving tools, IT/computer science or similar fields will be required.
• Candidates will be expected to have awareness of digital media techniques, Google AdWords and full understanding of all social media platforms, data analysis, SEO/SEM and Content Management Systems.
• Experience in the entertainment sector, realization of events, Digital Marketing strategies and market trends will be essential.
• The candidate will be expected to have 2-3 years’ experience as Digital Marketing Executive, similar or identical role.

Required Skills

• Candidates should have good communication and interpersonal skills, excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts, perfect knowledge of web analytics tools, be able to evaluate and review marketing campaigns.
• Commercial awareness, a flexible approach to work, analytical mindset and strategic thinking are essential. Additionally, IT, social media and numeracy skills are expected.
• Fluent Arabic proficiency will be required.

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