Kitchen Technician


Your experience and skills include:
– Profound knowledge of how various types of kitchen and refrigeration equipment work
– Strong ability to read and comprehend wiring diagrams, and to follow manuals on operation and installation to successful complete tasks
– Strong ability to apply various types of equipment safely and efficiently, and to maintain and service them
– Exceptional ability to work independently without direct supervision and take responsibility for the repair of assigned equipment
– Strong ability to prioritize assigned tasks for increased job delivery
– Exceptional ability to properly investigate problems with food equipment, discover the issue, and correct it
– Ability to work in a team setting with other maintenance workers, and also with staff and members of the public
– Strong ability to quickly understand and carry out both written and oral instructions effectively
– Strong keyboarding and basic computer skills
– Possess refrigerant transition and recovery certification
– Repair and maintenance experience in the commercial kitchen or dinning service field
– Strong knowledge of plumbing repair and installation practice and procedure
– Strong knowledge of basic electrical practice, theory, and safety
– Strong knowledge of the fundamental of commercial refrigeration practice and theory .