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  • CFO Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

    Chief financial officers are integral to the financial activity and oversight of an organization. These professionals analyze financial data to determine profitable ventures, contribute to growth and achieve business goals. Preparing for an interview for a CFO position can be exciting, and when you plan out your responses in anticipation, you’ll have a better chance […]

  • Top 10 Tricky Interview Questions & Best Response Strategies

    Being asked a tricky interview question that catches you off guard, makes you stutter and try and collect your thoughts as you scramble to give a good answer, is probably one of the worst feelings that you can have in an interview. So to try and help you guys out and avoid this, I went […]

  • How To Answer the Interview Question: “Who Are You?”

    During an interview, an employer may ask you to share information about yourself. While these types of questions can feel vague, understanding what employers want to hear might make it easier to compose an effective answer. In this article, we explain why interviewers ask “Who are you?” and how to answer this question, with included […]

  • 8 Tips for Acing Your Next Virtual Interview

    How to Prepare for a Video Interview 1. Test Your Technology Technical skills are considered one of the top competencies employers look for in new hires, and hiring managers are able to gauge your abilities easily during a virtual interview. Avoid potential technical glitches by testing your equipment before the call. If your video conferencing software produces […]

  • How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

    Perfecting your virtual interview to decrease the impact of COVID-19 If you’re in the middle of your job search, it’s likely that you’ll be asked to do your interviews virtually. Here are a few considerations to set yourself up for success: 1. Test your technology beforehand A virtual interview requires tools like a camera and […]

  • 21 Job Interview Tips: How To Make a Great Impression

    You have your job interview scheduled—congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare, and we’ve got you covered. Below, we provide an overview of how to succeed in an interview along with a detailed discussion surrounding each point. Tips for before the interview In the days before your job interview, set aside time to do the following: […]

  • Night Manager Dubai

    You will be reporting to the Night Manager, some of your responsibilities/qualifications will be: Overseeing accurate and timely reporting of the Night Audit function. To promote great communication amongst the team Assist with all areas of the night check in Cross check and review all audits and reconciliations of daily sales transactions for the Front Office & […]