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How to make 100$ a day with Microniche Blogs – The Beginner’s Guide

How to make 100$ a day with Microniche Blogs – The Beginner’s Guide

From our humble beginning, We always knew blogging is another source of passive income, We knew that in theory but practically was a tough thing to archive, We come across a lot of challenges while learning the correct way of blogging, Spending a lot of money on courses but still, we were not successfully.

Let me introduce myself as the writer of this article today my Name is John and today we are going to see the easy ways/tricks on how to make 100$ a day with micro niche blogs, To save time and increase the productivity of this reading I will try to go Straightforward as possible so you can not be annoyed by these  paragraphs

In order to understand all these first of all we have to know what is niche blogs and what is Microniche Blogs

Niche blogs and micro-niche blogs both focus on specific topics or subjects, but they differ in terms of their level of specialization and target audience.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two:

Niche Blog:
A niche blog is a blog that focuses on a specific topic or area of interest. It is more specialized than a general blog but still covers a broader range of related subtopics. Niche blogs target a specific audience interested in that particular subject. Examples of niche blogs could include:

  1. • Fitness and Wellness
    • Food and Cooking
    • Travel and Adventure
    • Personal Finance
    • Self-Improvement

Micro-Niche Blog:
A micro-niche blog takes specialization to an even more granular level. It focuses on an extremely narrow and specific topic within a broader niche. A micro-niche blog targets a highly specific audience with very particular interests. Examples of micro-niche blogs could include:

  1. • Yoga for Pregnant Women
    • Vegan Gluten-Free Baking
    • Solo Travel in Southeast Asia
    • Budgeting for College Students
    • Confidence Building for Introverts

Key Differences:
1. Scope and Specificity:
◦ Niche blogs cover a broader range of related topics within a specific theme.
◦ Micro-niche blogs focus on an ultra-specific topic or aspect within a niche.
2. Target Audience:
◦ Niche blogs appeal to a specific audience interested in the broader theme.
◦ Micro-niche blogs target a highly specific and focused audience with particular interests.
3. Competition and Authority:
◦ Niche blogs may face moderate to high competition, depending on the popularity of the niche.
◦ Micro-niche blogs typically have lower competition but may attract a smaller audience.
4. Content Depth:
◦ Niche blogs allow for more diverse content, covering various subtopics.
◦ Micro-niche blogs require in-depth and specialized content on a narrow subject.
5. Monetization and Traffic:
◦ Niche blogs may have a higher potential for traffic and a wider range of monetization options.
◦ Micro-niche blogs may have lower traffic potential but can attract highly targeted and engaged readers, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

In summary, while niche blogs focus on a specific area of interest, micro-niche blogs take specialization to an extreme level by narrowing down the focus even further. The choice between a niche blog and a micro-niche blog depends on your interests, expertise, the level of competition you’re comfortable with, and your target audience’s specific needs.

So to know which type of blog Niche to take on you have to ask yourself which topic are you comfortable writing about, But now with available tools like  ChatGp  you can write almost about any topic, You can even ask ChatGpt to give you micro niche blog ideas that will attract users Faster

At the end of this Article, I will attach a Few youtube Links that will help you choose the right path

So how to make 100$ a day with micro niche blogs?

I have multiple small blogs I’m operating now some are new, some are old  and I’m going to share a  tricky I use to attract visitors to my blog and some tips that might help you

I always choose a travel niche and a hotel niche, Where by I narrow the whole idea to job opportunities that exist in hotels, So what I,m doing with these niche blogs is creating blogs around these ideas, for example, I have a blog about Hotel Jobs opportunities in UAE, Hotel Jobs in New York, Drivers Jobs in Australia, etc.

It’s easy to manage a blog for a small audience that stat competing with big whales in the world, Also it is very easy to get organic Traffic from Google search and other Search Engines.

So how to create these Blogs?

Creating these microniche Blog is very simple, You have to buy a Domain name (yourname.com, or yourblog.com) Hosting from a trusted company and then Installing WordPress in a Few clicks

The Company I recommend and use for My Blog is FastComet, They have very Good Prices, Blog loads Faster, Top Notch Customer Support, and other benefits

Read More features here on the Company Site, VISIT FASTCOMET website, Always choose a yearly Plan for affordable price, Monthly plan will cost you more at the end

Check the Below videos for FastComet  guide on how to buy domain and Hosting!

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Here is the Detailed article I wrote last few days on how to create these blogs from scratch from buying 

How to choose profitable microniche

Best way to Monetize Blog (3 ways)



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