Contract Bus Driver Hertz

Job Summary

We are currently looking for an experienced Bus Driver to join our Hertz team in Dubai. The main purpose of this role is to improve the overall customer satisfaction by ensuring that the customer is dealt with in a pleasant and professional manner by adhering to agreed Hertz standards concerning vehicle delivery, exchanges and transfers.


  • nsures that the vehicle change over report is properly filled out by properly recording any additional damages.
  • Ensures that the Drivers Log Sheet is updated with each check out/check in transaction.
  • Ensures that the vehicle is properly checked on site before delivery.
  • Maintains proper record of the registration number and check out KMS on the Vehicle damage report.
  • Gets proper acknowledgement from the customer on the required forms.
  • Maintains proper record of the delivery on the Drivers Log sheet.
  • Ensures that all damages along with the check in KM are properly recorded on the Collection report.
  • Ensure all policies and procedures are strictly adhered to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Where required customer challenges are escalated to the coordinator/CSR as per process agreed.
  • Shows up to work in proper uniform as per agreed uniform policy and is properly groomed.

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